Pet is a series of desktop stationery products. With the method of imitation, the characteristics of stationery and pet’s character are consistent, and the stationery also seems to have a character, creating interesting stories and scenes. A set of four pieces: hamsters gnawing wood, cats trying to escape, tortoises turning their shells, parrots pecking feathers. A cat that wants to run away-rubber often disappears, like a cat that is about to slip away at any time. Wooden hamsters-pencil sharpeners turn pencils from sticks to sawdust, reminiscent of wooden hamsters. Feather pecking parrot-paper clip and feather, is not only the form of fit, but also the interaction between people and things. Turning tortoise-paper town is still life, but make tortoise shell form, it has balanced between the movement and play. Landscape pattern: when people stay and watch, turn off the small fan hidden in the building through the induction device, so that the smoke can steadily and continuously accumulate, and blow every minute for five seconds to enrich the changing state of the landscape. After people leave, small fan turns on blow smoke, keep humidifying indoor. Humidification mode: small fan continues to open, smoke continues to emit, to achieve sustained humidification.